Physiotherapy - Rosier Physio & Movement Studio - Newbury
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Hands on therapy to alleviate your aches and pains

Physiotherapy is a form of manual therapy which at Rosier physio and movement studio is aimed at the musculo-skeletal system. This involves muscles, bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, cartilage and spinal discs. Physiotherapy uses hands on assessment and manual tests which then lead to a formulation of diagnosis.

Physiotherapy has the power to alleviate pain and stiff joints, loosen tight muscles and has the ability to identify poor movement patterns which may well be the root cause of your pain. Using evidence based manual therapy techniques and the latest diagnostic technology you can be sure your unique issue will be managed effectively and quickly.

We hate jargon – we don’t use long winded terminology and confusing words – we use pictures, videos and simple explanations so you are fully informed and confident that you know what your issues are.

You can receive physiotherapy at the Newbury studio or at home, even at work.

  • Posture Assessment

    Posture is key to a healthy, functional body. Poor posture is a really big issue in the modern day and with our help we can assess and correct your posture - chin up!

  • Biomechanics assessment

    Using the latest tech and manual tests we will assess your bodies imbalances and biomechanics - then with your hard work and our direction these can be equalled out.

  • Body MOT & prevention

    We send our cars in every two minutes for services and MOTs - why? To make sure it doesn't fail on us when we need it most. Book your body MOT and prevent anything failing on you - like hamstring tears, shoulder impingements and osteo-arthritis

  • Home physiotherapy

    Home is where the health is - or something like that. If you aren't able to get to us for any reason or would just like your therapist to come to you then book one of us. PS: tea with milk and one sugar if you're asking.

  • Corporate Physiotherapy

    The most important part of a business is the employees, then the boss, then the dog. If your work force are important to your business then physio is excellent way to keep them fit, healthy and most importantly - at work making you money

How do I get Physiotherapy?

You don’t have to be referred by your GP or Consultant to receive physiotherapy. If you feel you will benefit from physiotherapy then all you have to do is call and arrange an appointment. This can be done by phone or email.

It is very common to go straight to your GP if you have any aches or pains. If your GP feels that physiotherapy os the best route for your care then they can refer you to us. All we need is a referral from your GP detailing what they believe the problem to be  – we can then pick this up invite you in for your initial assessment whereby we can then assess your issues.

If you have been to see a Consultant you may be waiting for an operation or have just had one. Physiotherapy is commonly a pre and post op therapy which is extremely effective and one you can ask your Consultant to be referred for. If they think it will help then they can refer you to us.

We are recognised by a number of major health insurance companies including Bupa, WPA and Vitality. There are many others so please look at the ???? page to see if we are recognised.

If we aren’t recognised with your insurance company then we can often just call them and become recognised.