Price list - Rosier Physio & Movement Studio - Newbury
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Price list

  • Physiotherapy Initial Consultation

    During your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to tell us what your problem is and how it is affecting you. A full medical history and comprehensive functional assessment will then take place so we can measure your movement. From these assessments a treatment plan will be formulated and discussed with you so you know exactly what is happening and why.

  • Physiotherapy follow up

    Your follow up appointment allows you to let us know how you are getting on. We will re-test and re-assess your issue to see if you are any better. This also gives the chance to ask any questions or concerns.

  • Home Physio

    Physiotherapy at home is extremely popular for busy people as it saves time travelling to our clinic and allows you to spend more time doing the things you need to do. For every 5 miles you live from the clinic then an additional £10 will be added which covers time and fuel costs.

    £60 - £80
  • Physio sports massage - 1 hour

    A physio sports massage is more than just deep tissue therapy. Its sports massage coupled with the objectivity of physiotherapy. Its very common to come across issues during a sports massage which means we are able to quickly assess and diagnose what the issue is. This then means that you are receiving a massage and being assessed to find any issues which may get worse as time goes on. So your are getting half massage / half physio - lucky you!

  • Physio sports massage - 30 minutes

    A shorter session which is extremely popular - perfect for those who want to quickly relieve tension is particular muscle groups after specific training or an event. This option is commonly twice a week and very effective pre / post sports event.

  • ViMove Assessment - 1 hour

    A ViMove assessment lasts one hour and will include a home management plan giving you control of your management.

  • ViMove Assessment - 24 hour review

    The ViMove can be used all day and all night. When you come into clinic we can apply the motion sensors and then let you go for the rest of the day and night. We can then review the information the ViMove provides to see exactly how much you slump at work for example or how much impact your knees are taking when you run. There is a £250 deposit for this as the sensors are expensive.