Physiotherapy Newbury at Rosier Physio & Movement Studio
Rosier Physio & Movement Studio is based in Newbury, Berkshire. Offering bespoke physiotherapy and movement therapies in Newbury.
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Rosier Physiotherapy & Movement Studio is the latest in patient centred care in Newbury, West Berkshire. A forward thinking studio, experienced clinicians and amazing instructors can only mean one thing – that you the patient can be sure to get the best possible care.


Physiotherapy is used to strengthen weak muscles, loosen tight soft tissue, increase the range of movement in joints and make you move better.

If you want to prevent these from happening then prevention is key and we can help you prevent and reduce the risk of injury in the future.

Sports / Remedial Massage

Sports massage is used to treat muscles and fascia (myo-fascia) which can become tight and painful. If you are a runner then there are certain muscles which will be used much more than a rock climber for example – so your treatment is tailored to what sport you do.

Remedial massage is great for stress relief, prevention and catching any knots that may develop into a painful issue.


If you want more information or just want to chat about your needs then click the icon and contact us.

You can call, email, tweet, message on facebook or even come into the studio.

ViMove image


The very latest in motion sensor technology for you at an incredible price Рeven less if you take a YPP monthly plan. 

ViMove is incredible – it can be used to assess a range of functional movements including running, lower back movement and can be applied on your body for 24 hours – this gives us a insight into how much you are moving and how much you slump at work. Theres loads of researrh behind it and by gosh its a real eye opener to your daily habits

You are unique. We will treat you as if you are the only one on the scene.

We can tailor your management plan with your goals in mind – whether you want to lose weight, run again without pain or lift the heaviest weight physically possible – we will help you realise your goal

Personalised management plan

We will give you a personalised home management plan so you can do your work at home. This gives you the tools to manage your problem yourself.

Referral to other specialists

We know people. People who are highly skilled and respected in their chosen fields. Orthopaedic surgeons, pain specialists, personal trainers, orthotists etc. If we need help to get you better then we have the contacts

Therapy reports

If you need a report to show your GP or consultant what we have found and what we plan to do, then let us know and we supply you with one. Sharing is caring right?


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