Overtime Policy

The purpose of this overtime policy is to clarify Wholegrain Digital’s rules regarding compensation of hours worked beyond your contractual agreed hours, and your responsibilities in ensuring that you are compensated appropriately.

We are want to make sure that you are fairly compensated for the time you put in to ensure completion of your duties. We also have a duty of care to you as employees, to the minimise health and safety risks to you personally, which can occur as a result of working excessive hours for an extended period.


This policy applies to all current employees.

General Rules

‘Contractual hours’ refers to those stated in your contract. If different to those stated below, please refer to your contract for the correct figure.

Generally, all employees are expected to plan their days so that you are able to complete your duties within your contractual hours (usually 8 hours per day/40 hours per week, pro-rated for part-time employees).

We realise that during busy periods, you may need to work a few extra hours to keep on top of workloads. In recognition of this, we agree to compensate overtime hours up to 10% of your weekly contracted hours (e.g. If you work 40 hours per week, we will compensate up to 4 additional hours each week) at your standard rate of pay, without prior arrangement.

Additional Overtime

From time to time, it may be necessary for you to work additional overtime to handle emergencies, heavy workloads and other issues. We recognise that frequent and excessive overtime isn’t good for your health or performance and therefore aim to keep these requests to a minimum. However, should you agree with one of the company directors to a short period of additional overtime, then we will arrange compensation provided that you follow the necessary approval and recording procedures.

Approval Procedure

You do not need approval to work up overtime that makes up 10% or less than your contracted hours

For additional overtime, whether this is your request or at the request of one of the Company Directors, you must:

  • Discuss and agree the requirement to work additional hours
  • Set the number of additional hours required and when these will be worked
  • Set a limit on the timeframe that the additional hours will last (not more than one week)
  • Put these details in writing – a email between you and one of the Directors is fine
  • Review the status of the workload before the date the overtime is set to end (if more than two days).

Recording Overtime

For all overtime worked, you must submit the details by email to Vineeta, and cc Rachael and Mohib, before the 24th of the month to ensure that you receive compensation with your salary.

How you record hours is up to you, but you must include the number of hours, the dates they were worked and justification for your request (details of what you did in this time). To make it easy for you, we’ve created a template you are free to save to your own drive and use if you wish.

Overtime Record Sheet


Provided correct recording procedure has been followed, you will receive compensation for any overtime worked at the end of the month, with your usual salary. Any overtime hours will be marked as such on your payslip.

This policy is intended as a guide and legal requirements will always be adhered to. You would not be asked to work any overtime beyond the current legal limit. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. This policy may be updated from time to time but you will be given notice of any changes that may affect your current contract.

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