Expenses Policy

The purpose of this expense policy is to provide guidance to any employees claiming reasonable expenses incurred in connection with Wholegrain Digital business.


This policy covers the reimbursement of purchases relating to:


Wholegrain will provide you with the equipment necessary to carry out duties to relating to your role. Further information on this can be found in our Communications Policy. Should you require further equipment, then please first request this, and we can purchase it for you.

If you need to purchase something urgently – for example, if a delay would prevent you from doing your work effectively, then you may purchase smaller items for reimbursement, following approval from one of the company directors.

Software subscriptions

Wholegrain has subscriptions to all the services you will need to carry out your role effectively. However, should you identify something that would help you, and particularly the wider team, to work even better, then we will consider paying this subscription for you with the company credit card.

If you already have a subscription when you begin working at Wholegrain that you require for your role, we may consider reimbursing you for this subscription or taking this on for you.


We do not provide reimbursement for subsistence for you personally while at work, however, should you buy drinks for client meetings then we will reimburse you for this.

While attending meetings at Impact Hub Westminster, we encourage you to make teas and coffees with the supplies available in the kitchen in the first instance, rather than buying from the café, wherever possible.


You will be provided with a work mobile phone for business use, and as line rental and calls will be paid for by us, there should be no expenses incurred in this regard.

Should you need to use your personal mobile or land line phone for business use for a limited period (e.g. If your work mobile does not work and you are waiting for a replacement), then we will reimburse you for business calls made, on receipt of an itemised VAT bill with relevant calls highlighted.

Training courses

If you undertake any training relevant to your role, Wholegrain may agree to reimburse you in whole or in part for this expense.

Before booking any training course, please discuss with the company directors how this will benefit you and the business, to agree how payment will be made. If payment is made in full, then Wholegrain will pay for the course in advance, for you.

If you have already made arrangements and we agree to reimburse you, or we agree to pay for a course in part only, then you will be reimbursed on production of a VAT receipt for the course.

Travel expenses

When travelling for work, the company will cover the cost of your transport and when appropriate, also your food and accommodation. Travelling for work means that it’s required as part of your job, but is not part of your normal commute into the office or to a client’s office. You can read more on what we define as reasonable expenses in our Travelling for Work article.


Generally, Wholegrain Digital will not reimburse costs relating to:

  • Broadband/Internet provision
  • Fines
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenditure.

How to claim expenses

Unless arranged and paid for in advance, in which case we will already have the receipts, then every expense claim should be accompanied by a VAT receipt, in accordance with HMRC regulations.

The scanned receipt should be sent to one of the company directors, along with a note describing what it was for and requesting reimbursement. The original receipt should then be passed to Rachael, for filing for tax purposes.

All expenses received will be reimbursed either the Friday following receipt, or with your pay at the end of the month, whichever comes first.

This policy is intended as a comprehensive guide but should you still be unsure whether an activity or item can be reimbursed, please check with the company directors. This policy may be updated from time to time.


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