Communications Policy

Wholegrain Digital provides all employees with access to a wide range of communications equipment and resources including, but not limited to:

  • A company email address with gmail
  • Access to the company’s Slack account
  • Access to the company’s RedBooth account.

You can read more about the use of these resources in the below articles:

Internal Communication

Communicating with Clients

A laptop and company phone may also be provided as necessary to carry out duties relating to your role.

This policy applies to all employees using hardware or software provided by, and belonging to Wholegrain Digital, regardless of the details contained within any contract you may have with us. This policy is does not form part of your employment contract and may be subject to change at any time.

Our Responsibilities

It is our responsibility to:

  • Ensure that we provide you with all the resources reasonably required to effectively carry out your role
  • Ensure the security of these resources against unauthorised access or abuse, while ensuring that they remain available to all authorised and legitimate users
    • To this end, Wholegrain Digital reserves the right to carry out random monitoring of any online activity that takes place while you are logged into google, or any other software that identifies you as representing the company.

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to:

  • Take appropriate care of any equipment provided to you by us, ensuring that it is well maintained, and notifying us of any issues with this equipment as soon as possible
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure the security of any equipment provided
  • Maintain the security of any passwords you use to log in to any software or hardware provided by the company. We recommend using LastPass to generate secure passwords, and remember them for you (but don’t forget you LastPass password! We can’t help if you lose this one)
  • Adhere to the email guidelines when communicating with clients, always being mindful of security should there be a need to discuss highly sensitive information, in which case it may be best to consider another form of communication. You should never enter into a contract of agreement with a client or potential client by email unless expressly authorised by one of the Company Directors
  • When using the internet, always remember that if you are logged in using your email address, you are identifiable as representing the company and company activities. As such, you should always exercise good judgement and discretion regarding the websites you visit and activities you undertake online.

Misuse of resources

We’re sure you won’t, but legally we have to remind you not to misuse any of the resources provided to you for communication in any way that could result in disciplinary or legal action in any context.





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