Dress Code

As a creative agency, we think that it is particularly important that everyone is free to express their individuality. We therefore don’t want to dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear and so we do not have a “dress code”.

All we ask is that you follow these simple guidelines during any times when you might be seen by others in the course of your work.

  1. Be clean and tidy
  2. Try to look professional (however you interpret that)
  3. Don’t wear anything that is likely to cause offence
  4. Never wear anything that you don’t like wearing
  5. Always wear something that makes you feel happy and confident.

Working remotely

Remote working provides a great deal of freedom and flexibility and the opportunity for great quality of life. The following tips, guidelines and rules will help us to all work remotely successfully.

You can also learn more by watching Tom’s talk from WordCamp Brighton 2016, on Happiness and the Art of Remote Working.

The benefits

There are numerous benefits to remote working include (but not limited to):

  1. Freedom – you can work from almost anywhere
  2. No commuting – saving time, money, stress and pollution
  3. Smaller offices – saving money, land and pollution
  4. Less distraction – increased productivity and less stress
  5. More comfort – design your own personalised workspace
  6. More diversity – work with colleagues and clients around the world
  7. Work life harmony – flex your time, walk your dog, go for a swim, pick up the kids etc.
  8. Empowerment – take control of your own time, space and work.

General tips

  1. Be a good communicator. Your team mates can’t see you, so make an extra effort to ensure that you are visible
  2. Define sacred times and spaces where you never work, so that you can get away from it when you need to
  3. Embrace collaboration tools like Slack, Skype and ye olde telephone
  4. Spend quality time together when you are face to face
  5. Co-ordinate timings with other team members of when you will be online and when you will be at the office etc.
  6. Travel efficiently by co-ordinating meetings and team events to minimise the length and number of journeys required
  7. Trust your team mates.

Ergonomics and safety

It is really important that you are safe while working, so you must ensure that you have a safe working environment and follow the same principles of health and safety that you would when at the office. So don’t leave cables trailing across the floor, don’t use a bright screen in a dark room and don’t sit on that chair with the wobbly leg.

You can reduce strain on your eyes and body with good ergonomics. Basics include having a well lit work area, a comfortable supportive chair, keeping your screen at the correct distance and height and positioning your keyboard and mouse in a position that minimises any strain. We also recommend varying your working position, taking regular breaks and experimenting with new working arrangements to see what works for you. If you need any equipment to improve your ergonomics for working at home (or at the office), then all you have to do is ask.

Saving energy

If you are working from home then there are several ways that you can reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions, and we will try to support you to do that as much as possible. Here are a few examples:

  • If possible, work from a position with good natural light
  • Don’t leave equipment on when you are not using it (check your power management settings)
  • Use energy efficient equipment (which we always aim to supply you with)
  • Use low energy LED light bulbs in your work space (just ask and we’ll buy them for you)
  • Switch to a renewable energy supplier such as Ecotricity, Good Energy, Bulb or OVO Greener Energy (and we’ll give you £100 to say thanks*).

* You’ll need to provide us some proof that you switched from a standard tariff to a 100% renewable tariff, and we simply ask that you don’t take the piss by switching straight back again. If down the line you do want to switch back for any reason, talk to us first.

The rules

Remote working does depend on a great deal of trust between all team members. To make it work effectively, you are required as a minimum to follow these simple and fair rules at all times:

Rules for all team members

  1. Agree default working hours with a manager and store it in Hopper. If not defined, they will be assumed to be standard UK working hours
  2. Only deviate from your default hours if it will not cause disruption to clients or other team members
  3. Inform other team members on Slack when you will not be available during your default hours
  4. Be online on Slack and reachable by phone during your working hours unless you are engaged in an offline activity such as a client meeting
  5. Ensure that your correct phone number is in your Slack profile
  6. Ensure that you’re in a quiet location when making client calls
  7. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection while working
  8. Ensure that you’re not uncontactable for periods longer than one hour during your default hours unless you are in a meeting or have requested permission to do so
  9. Deliver work on time and be proactive in flagging problems or delays to other team members so that they can help you
  10. Put all meetings, holidays, work events and absence in your Wholegrain Google calendar
  11. Report your working hours honestly and accurately.

Rules specific to semi-remote team members

  1. Attend the office in London whenever required at short notice
  2. On “team days”, when the London team meet to collaborate in the office, you should be in the office by 9:30am and stay until 5pm unless otherwise agreed
  3. Be available to attend client meetings in and around London at short notice unless otherwise agreed for specific dates.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Our drug and alcohol policy is simple. What you do in your spare time is your decision.

However, in the following scenarios the use of drugs and alcohol would be a disciplinary offence and could lead to immediate dismissal.

  1. Your use of drugs and alcohol negatively affects the reputation of Wholegrain Digital or other team members
  2. You are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during your working time
  3. Your use of drugs or alcohol negatively impacts your work performance
  4. Your use of drugs or alcohol causes lateness or absence
  5. You exhibit unprofessional or disrespectful behaviour towards clients or colleagues as a result of your use of drugs or alcohol
  6. You are found to be encouraging other team members to use illegal drugs
  7. You are found carrying illegal drugs to the Wholegrain office or a client premises.