Traveling for work

When travelling for work, the company will cover the cost of your transport and when appropriate, also your food and accommodation. Travelling for work means that it’s required as part of your job, but is not part of your normal commute into the office or to a client’s office.

It does however include travel across London between our office and other work-related locations, whether by Tube, Bus, taxi or Boris Bike.

Eco-friendly travel

We encourage you to use the most eco-friendly mode of transport that is practical.  In London, the priority order is walking, cycling, tube or bus and then taxi (ideally hybrid or electric).  If you cycle, then we strongly recommend that you were a helmet for your own safety.

For longer distance travel, you might choose to travel by train or by car.  We generally do not permit flying on business unless their is an extremely good reason.

Booking travel

Long distance and overnight travel should be discussed in advance as the costs need to be approved. Depending on what is more convenient, either the company can make your bookings or you can book it yourself.

Travel expenses

If you travel by Tube, Bus or Taxi within London as part of your job that is not commuting, you can claim this back by submitting a VAT receipt together with brief details of where you went, where and why.

When travelling outside of London, if you have booked tickets and accommodation yourself then you must submit the VAT receipts.

If you are travelling outside London (or the city where you are based for non-UK team members) for a period that takes you away during meal times, you can also claim back the cost of eating out. We simply ask that you try to eat healthily and don’t buy anything excessively extravagant.

If travelling in your own car, then you claim 40p per mile based on the distance calculated by Google Maps. You must ensure that your vehicle is safe, well-maintained and insured for business use.

All travel, food and accommodation receipts should be submitted with a brief description of where you went, where and why.

WordCamps & events

WordCamps and industry events are a great opportunity to get involved in the WordPress and web community, learn from others, give back to others, meet great people and immerse ourselves in the unique culture of WordPress.

Wholegrain Digital team members are therefore encouraged to attend and are offered the following support:

  1. If you attend a WordCamp or similar event, you will be reimbursed for the ticket. Please ask in advance if the ticket cost is more than £100, and please submit the receipt.
  2. If you want to attend an event that is specifically relevant to your job and/or of value to the team, then you may get paid to attend and have your travel and accommodation paid for.  You’ll need to ask in advance and each case will be reviewed on its own merits (see below).  We are most likely to support you to attend an event if you are contributing to the event, perhaps by giving a presentation, chairing a session or volunteering.
  3. If we agree that the event can be attended as part of your job then you’ll get paid for the days that you attend.  See ‘Pay while travelling’ below.
  4. If we pay for you to attend an event during working hours, we request that you write a blog post about the event and write a team email or article(s) to share any specific knowledge that you gained from the event.  This should be done within 2 weeks of the end of the event (before you forget it all).

We review it on a case by case basis, so just let us know what you would like to do and we can discuss it.  The process for this is as follows.  Send an email to the company directors with the following info:

  • What is the event? (include a link)
  • When is it?
  • How will it benefit you personally?
  • How will it benefit the Wholegrain team?
  • How much will it cost for tickets, transport and accommodation? (approximate if unsure)

There are several WordCamps every year in the UK and mainland Europe, and team members in other continents may wish to attend events in their own regions.

Note that this is not purely restricted to official WordCamp events, but also related events such as WooConf and relevant design/development conferences.

Airplane caveat: One caveat is that as a company we try not to encourage flying (for environmental reasons), so if you can get to WordCamps and other events by land then it would be super duper.  It is highly unlikely that we will pay for flights to events unless the future of humanity depends on it.

Pay while travelling

If your travel runs outside of your normal working hours and has been approved as an official work trip, then you would get paid for a standard working day (as per your contract) for each day that you are travelling.  For example, if your contract says that you work 8 hour days and you go away for 2 days (1 night) to a work event, then you would get paid for 16 hours.