Questions to ask of New Enquiries

When we first start speaking to potential clients at the enquiry stage, there are of course bound to be many questions we need to ask! Below is a list of queries that may be useful at this stage.

Do please bear in mind that although we do need to gather as much information as possible, the enquiry stage is also the first stage in building a relationship with potential clients, so any conversations should be handled sensitively as always. The below questions should of course only be asked at appropriate intervals and as part of an ongoing conversation, to avoid anyone feeling overwhelmed in the early stages.

Questions to ask before an initial quote:

What’s your contact name, email and phone number?

What are you trying to achieve with your new website?

Why do you need a website (what are your goals and aims)?

Would you be able to describe your business in 3 sentences?

What’s your current company brand (colour, fonts, business cards, brochures)?

Do you have any particular likes/dislikes in terms of design/functionality?

Who are your competitors, and how do you differ from them? Do you have any ideas how your web presence can be better than theirs?

Who is the new website aimed at? What would the visitors come for and what’s their background?

What sort of content and features do you need?

What’s your budget? Our guidelines are £4-6K+ for theme modification & £20K+ for custom built

What platforms/devices will people visit your site on?

What hosting do you need? Do you anticipate large or regular traffic? Please share details.

Further questions for a more specific quote:

How many page templates will you need?

What sort of functionality are you after (what do you want each page to do)?

What services will you be selling on your website?

Do you have any websites that are doing what you’re trying to achieve in a way that inspires you?

How many weeks do we have to complete this project?

Is there anything specific – for example browsers that you want us to make the site work on? For example, on IE some effects may not work, so we may have to find alternative ways of showing the same thing without the effects

Will you be able to provide design for 3 displays – mobile, tablet and desktop? If so, could you please provide them in photoshop (well layered and named layers)?

Things to note/highlight about a theme modification:

We can change the colours to match your preference and any existing marketing materials that you have.

All images and wording will be unique to you.

We will change the navigation links to include the pages that you need.

In future you would be able to add more pages if required.

It is mobile compatible, so the layout will change to fit smaller screens on tablets and phones.

We can remove things like Facebook and Twitter links that you don’t need.

That should be enough to get started!

Once we are at the deposit invoice stage, head over to the Welcome Pack template to create your own version of this, to let the client know what else you will need before we can start work.

Happy relationship building!