How we handle change requests during a project

It states in our quotes and T&C’s that change requests will be charged for at our standard rate. Therefore, whenever a client sends a request during a project, the project manager should ask themselves:

Was it in the original brief or quote?


Does it seem like a reasonable request and something that we should do anyway?

IF NO, then it IS a change request.

Then the project manager should ask these additional questions:

Should we charge for the time?

The answer will always be YES, unless it is something small that we want to do as goodwill. Either way, the client should be informed. Changes will always be charged on an hourly basis UNLESS the client requests a quote and it it something that we can reasonably provide an accurate quote for.

Will it delay the launch?

IF YES, then the project manager should calculate the next viable launch date and inform the client that their change will delay the launch until that date. They should also be given the option to schedule the change for after launch and therefore avoid delaying the launch.

Example messages to the client:

“We will get this actioned for you as soon as we can. Technically this is a change request but as it is quite small and we have time, we will do this free of charge as good will.”

“Please could you let us know as soon as possible whether this change request is essential for launch? We may not have time to action this before launch and therefore implementing it pre-launch may mean delaying the launch to a later slot, which would currently be a week later. Alternatively we could schedule the change in for after launch and launch on the date originally planned”

“We can action this change request before launch but as it is outside the scope of the original brief and quote we will have to charge for the extra time to implement it. Please therefore let us know as soon as possible if you do not want us to go ahead with it.”

“As the design has already been signed off, changes to the design at this stage will incur additional charges as stated in the quote. Please confirm that you are happy to pay for the extra design time before we go ahead with this set of changes.”

Is this a custom project?

Sometimes it can be hard to decide if the best option for the client is a full custom design and build or to simple modify an existing WordPress theme. This decision tree covers some common considerations and should help to ensure that we always offer our clients the solution best suited to their needs.